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Target Your Optimal Audience With Focused Online Advertisements.

Spending on online marketing has soared to $3.9 billion in Canada. It’s expected that online advertising will soon surpass television to become the largest advertising medium. With over 80% of the North American population online, it’s no surprise that businesses are using the Internet to connect with customers. Whether you’re running a startup or a multinational corporation, online advertising has something to offer your brand.

Why Choose Online Advertising?

  • It’s incredibly targeted
  • It’s easy to track
  • It’s adaptable to any budget
  • It’s flexible and easy to adjust at any time

Online advertising networks such as Google’s ad network allow you to focus your budget and advertise on relevant sites. We are able to place your ads on other websites that reach your target audience. For an even more targeted audience, consider retargeting, which allows you to focus on customers who have visited your website previously, or searched for keywords related to your business. We are then able to serve your ads to those visitors while they are surfing the web on other websites.

For the best results, pair online marketing with web analytics so you’re able to keep a record of every click-through, page view and other important information, such as your conversion rate. Web analytics collects accurate, real-time data that can be used to improve your online advertising on ad networks, search engines, and most importantly the user-experience on your website.

How Does Eden Optimize Your Online Advertising?

Eden creates cohesive online marketing strategies that interweave all your online channels. As an experienced online advertising agency, Eden combines search and social marketing techniques to optimize user-engagement with your brand. We are skilled at ideation, design, programming and analytics. As such, we set up, design and track your online campaigns from start to finish. We monitor your online performance, sharing results with you in easy-to-read reports. We also use this data to tweak and improve performance of your online advertising campaigns on an ongoing basis.

Interested in Internet Advertising?

Your Website is the centre of your brand on the web; it supports your offline and online marketing efforts

Pay-Per-Click or paid search advertising increases your targeted traffic for a click-through fee

Social Media channels let you interact with customers in a more personal way

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