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Responsive Web Design Optimizes Your Site For Smartphones and Tablets.

Mobile and tablet use have grown exponentially over the past few years and show no signs of slowing. eMarketer estimates that mobile e-commerce is a $25 billion industry. That figure is expected to triple in the next few years. To remain relevant, businesses must adapt and offer optimized solutions that run smoothly on all devices. Eden recommends responsive web design to optimize your site for viewing on desktop, tablet and mobile platforms simultaneously. Google is also a proponent of responsive web design, and recommends responsive design over creating a dedicated mobile site.

Responsive design enables your website to recognize mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) and automatically reconfigure the layout and design for optimal viewing on any screen. Responsive design ensures a consistent look that is custom suited for varying screen dimensions and resolutions. This type of mobile web design negates the need for a secondary mobile website, allowing you to update a single backend that feeds data to all platforms.

Why Design For Mobile?

  • The world has gone mobile – according to eMarketer, 60.7% of the world is mobile
  • It helps capture local leads from people who need your products or services on the go
  • Mobile users are much more likely to call you directly. Inbound calls are the hottest leads.
  • It complements your search optimizations efforts and contributes to a positive user-experience with your brand

How Does Eden Optimize Mobile Websites?

Given the current online landscape, mobile optimization is a priority when it comes to every aspect of your website. Our team collaborates to ensure everything that appears on your website contributes to a successful website that runs smoothly on any platform. From a unique mobile web design, to mobile-friendly content, to local geo-targeting aimed at mobile users on the go, we ensure every aspect of your site helps you capture a piece of the mobile market and generate mobile engagement.

Interested in Making Your Brand Mobile-friendly?

Your Website is the hub of your brand; ensure it’s optimized for mobile platforms

Responsive Design is the most effective way to make your website mobile and tablet friendly

Mobile Apps add value to your business by providing entertainment or a useful service

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