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Optimize Email Blasts to Intrigue Customers into Taking Action.

Email advertising is an effective tool that many companies overlook. Email is the second most popular source of incoming leads to websites, after search engines. Email blasts allow you to keep a line of communication open with customers who are interested in your business, ensuring a targeted audience.

An opt-in email list establishes a level of interest and trust in your brand. Use that to your advantage and give customers a reason to engage with your brand. Inform them about new products and services, send them promotions, or simply share interesting content that will help them in their lives or businesses.

Focus on creating intriguing content that compels customers to read what you have to say. Short, interesting headlines and bold imagery are your best triggers to gain email engagement. More than half of all emails are read on smartphones, so optimizing for mobile viewing is essential when it comes to email marketing. Best of all, email marketing is extremely cost-effective. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email advertising has an astounding ROI of around 4300%. Who could say no to that?

How Does Eden Optimize Email Advertising?

Our content writers and designers collaborate to create email campaigns that are visually appealing, with intriguing, relevant content that will capture your customers’ attention. We ensure all aspects of your email blasts are optimized. Eden specializes in:

  • Designing visually engaging email campaigns
  • Writing intriguing subject lines, headlines and body copy
  • Developing a strong call to action that motivates your customers to take action – such as read more, sign up or purchase
  • Increasing conversions and driving leads with meaningful content
  • Optimizing your email advertising for smartphones and tablets; ensuring your email campaigns are easily accessible and user-friendly on any device
  • Sending and managing email campaigns including tracking
  • Personalizing email blasts with relevant customer information

Interested in Connecting With Your Customers?

Retargeting allows you to target customers who have shown interest in your brand

Direct Mail remains one of the most effective ways to connect on a personal level

Social Media interaction is a great way to engage with your customers

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