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Optimize Your Ecommerce Website With Intuitive Programming and Design.

Ecommerce is on the rise. Annual global ecommerce sales exceeded $1.25 trillion in 2013. That number is only expected to grow. With more and more people shopping online, making your products and services available for purchase on your website enables you to reach a larger market with a single website. Depending on the nature of your business, an ecommerce site can support offline sales or be the main sales channel for your business.

Benefits of an Ecommerce Website:

  • Easily adapted to many businesses and industries
  • Convenient for your customers
  • Extends your reach to a wider geographic area
  • Can be combined with SEO and PPC to increase targeted leads
  • Can be optimized for mobile shoppers
  • May increase sales at brick and mortar store
  • May eliminate the need for a physical store location

How Does Eden Optimize Your Ecommerce Sites?

Eden has the capability to design, program and host your ecommerce site. We work with you to create a custom ecommerce website design that addresses your brand’s needs in an intelligent way. Your ecommerce site should showcase your products and services, while making it simple for your customers to make a purchase.

We put emphasis on usability, search engine optimization and mobile optimization. Mobile ecommerce accounts for more than 15% of ecommerce sales, so optimizing for mobile is essential as your customers research and make purchases on their mobile devices. With appropriate search engine marketing your site will pull in targeted traffic. We also make it simple for visitors to review your products and share them through social media, helping drive word of mouth referrals.

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