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Optimize Your Print Marketing With Eye-Catching Headlines and Bold Graphics.

Did you know that the average consumer sees in excess of three thousand ads each day, but can only recall ten of them? Studies show you have less than two seconds to catch a viewer’s attention before they flip the page or move on. Your ads must be optimized to take advantage of those two seconds and make them as memorable as possible. Bright colours, bold graphics and intriguing headlines are what will cement your ads in the mind of your consumers.

Billboard advertising and magazine advertising provide your brand an opportunity to extend touch points to your customers in order to establish trust and familiarity. Offering these points of contact is what will help you establish brand recognition. As your brand becomes more familiar to your customers, your company establishes credibility. Mass advertising, such as billboard ads, magazine ads and newspaper ads, spike interest in your brand, driving customers to your store, website, a phone number or any other response you wish to create.

How Does Eden Optimize Your Print advertising?

At our Toronto advertising agency, our creative team digs deep to create ads are on-brand that grab attention with creative headlines and impactful design. As a cross-media advertising agency, Eden is able to develop print marketing that complements your web marketing and other advertising channels to help meet your business goals. We believe it’s important for brands to take advantage of integrated marketing strategies that support one another. Effective billboard and magazine ads will boost your brand awareness and credibility while supporting all your other online and cross media initiatives.

Interested in reaching a wide audience?

Direct Mail is ideal for distributing information about your current promotions

Email Marketing is an easy way to keep in touch with customers and share information

Radio Advertising pairs well with print advertising for local or national campaigns

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