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Optimize Your Marketing Materials to Showcase Your Brand.

Once you’ve reeled in a lead, it’s time to sell the benefits of your brand and drive home a sale. This is where informational marketing materials such as tri fold brochures, point of purchase displays (POP displays) and flyers come in handy. These kinds of print marketing are ideal for customers who have shown an interest in your business, but want to know more about your products and services before they commit to a purchase.

Informational marketing brochures are your opportunity to close a sale with a prospective customer. Concise, easy-to-read brochures that are helpful and informative are what will help your business convert leads into customers. With years of marketing experience under our belt, Eden has developed effective sales materials that have been proven to work for businesses. We’re confident we can develop marketing brochures that sell the advantages of your business.

Eden Creates:

  • Flyers and posters
  • Marketing brochures, including single and tri fold brochures
  • Point of purchase displays or POP displays
  • Take-ones and coupons
  • Event signage & more

How Does Eden Optimize Your Marketing Materials?

Eden is an experienced marketing agency with the expertise to market your products and services. We specialize in creating tri fold brochures, pop displays, coupons, flyers and sales materials that get noticed. We dedicate time and research to developing, designing and writing optimal marketing pieces for your brand. Every piece we produce serves a purpose and helps your business grow.

Interested in Sharing Information With Your Customers?

Your Website is a great platform to inform customers about your products and services

Direct Mailers let you share details about promotions, sales and events with customers

Social Media is a quick, easy and affordable way to stay connected with your customers

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