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Optimize Your Direct Marketing Pieces and Avoid the Junkmail Pile.

Did you know the average person receives 16 pieces of advertising in the mail each week? Crafting direct response marketing that gets read requires a fine balance between intrigue and intelligent sales talk. Your direct mail pieces need to swiftly grab the attention of your audience and hold it. Once your target is engaged, you have an opportunity to generate an action that will lead to an inquiry, a sign up or even a sale. You might be surprised to learn that direct mailers have the lowest cost-per-lead of any medium, including email, so investing in direct response marketing is a smart way to acquire new customers at any budget.

Personalized direct mailers are proven to have even higher conversion rates. At Eden we use variable data technology to boost your conversions with individualized direct mailers that are custom-printed to address each individual on your mailing list. We can imbed names anywhere in the direct mail piece, include information about past purchases, or develop pieces that target customers based on their gender, hobbies, areas of interest, or other information. Personalization is highly engaging and can boost response rates significantly.

How Does Eden Optimize Your Direct Mailers?

Eden designs direct mailers that demand attention, get read, and inspire your target to take action. We’ve won awards for direct mail design. Our unique ability to create direct mailers that reflect your business and address your customers in a personal way ensures optimal return on your investment. We take care to craft strong, attention-grabbing headlines and copy that sells your brand. Each direct mail piece is custom designed to fit your message, while remaining consistent with your brand’s marketing. We also offer unique PURLs and traceable phone numbers that can be placed on your direct mail pieces to track of the success of your direct mail campaigns with more accuracy than ever before.

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