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Optimize Your Advertising to Take Advantage of the Versatility of Print.

The adaptability of print advertising makes it a great foundation for any business looking to market itself. Print marketing is available in an endless array of formats that are entirely customizable to your brand and your message.

Focused on driving brand awareness? Billboard, newspaper or magazine ads allow you to reach a large audience quickly and effectively. Perhaps you would rather engage with your customers personally? Personalized direct mailers let you connect with each customer on an individual level and share details of your newest promotions, products or services. Maybe you need a platform to inform your customers about what you offer? Brochures, flyers and point of purchase or POP displays let you quickly and effectively communicate pertinent details about your products or services.

Whatever your business goals, a good print advertising campaign can serve as an anchor point for you to build the rest of your marketing campaign around.

What Type of Print Media is Right For Your Business?

Direct Mailers are optimal for reaching out to your customers and keeping them up to date on your latest offerings. They can be highly customized based on your target.

Informational Packages such as brochures, flyers and point of purchase displays (or POP displays) are ideal for distributing information about the products or services you offer. They can also be helpful sales tools.

Print Ads such as billboards, magazine ads or newspaper ads get your target familiar with your brand and drive brand awareness. They also help establish your brand credibility.

How Does Eden Optimize Your Print Media?

We believe there’s a print marketing solution for every business. Whether you’re driving sales, promoting a new product or increasing brand awareness, Eden creates print marketing solutions that are optimized to reflect your brand and help you reach your business objectives. Our designers and content writers work together to ensure your print marketing pieces reflect your brand and help you reach your goals. Every print marketing piece we create has a strong headline and call to action, and a design that reflects your brand personality. We believe it’s important that your print marketing works in conjunction with your other marketing efforts, ensuring a cohesive brand message and an optimal ROI.

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