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Make an Impression on Viewers With Advertising Optimized for TV.

Looking at the popularity of superbowl ads, it’s clear just how powerful television advertising can be. While few companies can afford superbowl airtime, the event demonstrates how influential television can be in building brand familiarity and credibility.

Though new technologies are transforming all forms of marketing, television advertising is a staple for brands that want to make an impact. In spite of concerns that digital technologies such as DVRs, subscription services and online videos would eat away at people watching TV ads, Nielsen reports that over 80% of adults still watch TV commericials.

The audience you’re able to reach with television advertising can also be very targeted, based on the channels you select to air your ad. If you have the budget for a TV advertising campaign, our advertising agency has the resources to help you develop, produce and air television advertisements that will make an impression. If you’re not sure whether television advertising is right for your budget, consider creating an online video instead. With the possibility of going viral, many companies find online videos are a great alternative for reaching customers within a tighter budget.

How Does Eden Optimize Your Television Advertising?

Our Toronto advertising agency specializes in cross-media campaigns. We have a wide array of resources and networking connections to develop, design and produce TV advertising spots that bring your brand to life in 30 to 60 seconds. We ensure your television advertising campaigns work in conjunction with your broadcast, print and online marketing to help you achieve your business goals. Eden’s team handles every stage of production from ideation through to final editing and media placement, so you can rest assured that your TV advertisement is under skilled management from start to finish.

Interested in Making a Visual Impact?

Online Videos leave an impact on viewers while cutting down on costs

Print Media offers a diverse range of options that complement TV advertising

Email Advertising is a great visual medium for keeping in touch with your customers

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