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Get Your Message Heard. Optimize Your Radio Advertising.

Hidden in the shadows of mammoth television budgets, radio advertising is sometimes a forgotten medium. Despite concerns that MP3 players and smartphones would eclipse radio listening, network radio is still going strong, reaching over 90 percent of people over 12 each week.

Statistics show radio is more targeted than you might think. Depending on the type of radio station you select to feature your radio advertisements, you can reach a fairly precise audience.

What’s Your Ideal Target?

Teens and Young Adults – Listeners of top 40, urban and alternative stations fall primarily in this age range.

Adults Aged 30-40 – Adult contemporary and rock stations are ideal for reaching a target in this age bracket.

Adults Aged 40-59 – Oldies and easy listening stations are your best bet for reaching an audience composed mostly of this demographic.

Seniors 60 and Over – Classical stations and news talk stations are great for reaching an audience comprised of seniors.

You can use this to your advantage and reach out to a wide audience, while focusing on advertising to listeners in the most relevant age brackets.

How Does Eden Optimize Your Radio Advertising?

As a full service Toronto marketing agency Eden develops, writes and produces 30-second or 1-minute radio spots that highlight your business and complement your cross-media strategy. Whether you decide to do a one-off radio advertisement to highlight a promotion or event, or a complete radio campaign, we’ll ensure your radio advertising is creative, engaging and supported by your other marketing efforts. When your ad is ready to air, we select the best stations to reach your target.

Interested in Reaching a Wide Audience?

Print Advertising offers a range of versatile options for reaching a widespread audience

Direct Mail is a great way to connect with existing customers and share promotions

TV Advertising is an option for brands that want to make an impact on a large scale

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