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Make an Impact With Advertising Optimized For a Wide Audience.

Broadcast advertisements such as radio advertising and television advertising remain optimal platforms for brands looking to reach a large regional or national audience. Despite concerns that digital recordings, DVRs and online videos would wreak havoc on broadcast media, the industry continues to flourish. According to Nielsen, approximately 85% of people watch some or all of the commercials when watching TV, amounting to an average of 73 minutes per person per week. Radio reports similarly favourable statistics.

Broadcast media is extremely versatile and easily adaptable to your brand’s needs. Whatever your brand personality is, there is an opportunity for you to create television or radio advertisements that connect with your target. Television advertising and radio advertising are ideal platforms to increase your brand recognition with a wide target, regionally or nationally. With intelligently produced ads, you have an opportunity to make a lasting impact on viewers and listeners and build brand credibility.

How Does Eden Optimize Your Broadcast Advertising?

As a full-service Toronto advertising agency, Eden specializes in creating consistent advertising across all media. Our team develops a concept and script that complements your brand values and works in cohesion with your marketing strategy. We’re involved at every stage of production from first ideation, to filming and direction, through to editing and media buying, ensuring an optimal finished product. We pinpoint the best stations to air your ad, ensuring you’re able to reach your ideal target. The final product is one you’ll be proud to share with your customers.

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