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Optimize Your Brand’s Online Videos to Entertain and Inform Your Audience.

By 2017 online videos are expected to be a 5.9 billion dollar business. The soaring popularity of video hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Vine is clear. YouTube is the third most visited site on the Internet, behind only Google and Facebook. With 1 billion unique visitors and over 6 billion hours of video viewed each month, YouTube is more watched than any cable network. Reaching out to this vast audience by producing an online video offers your business a chance to engage with your customers and express your brand personality.

Creating concise, engaging videos allows you to reach customers who don’t have the time or inclination to read content on your website. Online video production also has an important social component. A video that resonates with your target has an opportunity to go viral. Once your viral video gets rolling, your audience continues to share your content while you sit back and enjoy the ride.

At Eden, we highly recommend that all businesses have some type of online video in their marketing mix.

Effective Types of Video Advertising For Businesses:

Entertainment – These videos are meant to entertain your audience. They are often humourous and intended to be shared virally.
Informational – These videos let your customers know about your business, your values, promotions, and anything else you want to share.
Tutorial – With this type of video, you can share a how-to guide that is relevant to your products and services, or your industry.
Testimonials/Reviews – These videos let you share positive feedback you’ve received from your customers.
Emotional – This type of video creates an emotional reaction that leads your customers to take action.
Advertising – If you have TV ads, or marketing videos, feel free to share those online, too.

How Does Eden Optimize Your Online Videos?

Our approach to creating effective videos is simple: we create videos that your target wants to watch. Online video marketing is all about keeping your audience engaged with your brand. Your video should move your audience in some way – whether it’s inspiring, entertaining, or helpful. If it doesn’t stimulate your target, it won’t be effective. We work with you to develop video marketing strategies that are effective. We script, produce, edit and upload your online video to your website, social media channels and any other places that reach your target audience. Once your video goes live, we make it easy for your customers to share and ensure it is optimized for SEO so it’s found on search engines.

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