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Use Retargeting to Acquire Customers Who Leave Your Website

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is an effective type of online advertising that allows you to target people who have already visited your site. With retargeting, you’re able to place ads for your brand on other websites your customers visit after leaving your site. This allows you to extend your relationship with visitors to your site, providing a second chance to make a connection, strengthen your branding and drive home a sale.

This type of online marketing is incredibly effective because it allows you to focus your online marketing budget on a extremely precise target with a high conversion potential. By concentrating on advertising to people that already have a relationship with your brand or demonstrated interest in your products or services, your ads are more likely to be remembered and influential. Because remarketing repeatedly serves your ads to a focused target, remarketing is very influential in increasing brand recognition and familiarity, and ultimately has a high ROI.

Benefits of Retargeting:

  • It focuses your ads on a narrow target
  • Your target has demonstrated an interest in your brand, products or services
  • Retargeted ads can be customized based on each viewer’s online behaviour and needs
  • It’s adjustable to any budget and industry
  • It’s extremely effective, with a high conversion rate

How Does Eden Optimize Your Retargeting Campaigns?

Eden’s remarketing strategy is closely intertwined with search marketing. We optimize your search engine marketing to draw traffic to your site. Remarketing to visitors who find you through a search increases the chance of conversion. Remarketing is a powerful tool for optimizing your conversions and strengthening your branding. At Eden, we believe the look and feel of your remarketing ads should be customized to appeal to the people you’re reaching, based on the items and pages they viewed on your site. Our designers collaborate with our search team to develop ads that get noticed, convert new leads and drive brand recognition.

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