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Optimize Your PPC Campaign to Pull in Traffic and Quality Leads.

Pay-Per-Click advertising (or PPC) is another form of search marketing that enables you to quickly reach a targeted audience and get immediate, measurable results. Based on bids and click-through rates, PPC search marketing allows you to instantly target consumers searching for key phrases related to your business.

The Benefits of PPC Advertising

  • Your website gets found instantly on search engines
  • It’s extremely targeted
  • You choose relevant keywords
  • Can set geo-targets for countries, cities or geographic areas you want to target
  • Get traffic from keywords you’re not ranking for organically
  • It’s flexible and can be changed instantly
  • You only pay for click-throughs, or actual traffic to your website
  • You’re able to gather useful data that can help improve your site’s performance
  • You can pay for phone call leads directly from search engines

Pay-Per-Click is a great option for budding websites that need a boost in traffic while they develop content and long-term search engine marketing strategies. It is also great for established websites that want a guaranteed monthly boost of measurable traffic. PPC advertising is easily adapted to any budget and allows you to gather data you can use to improve your PPC campaign and website performance.

How Does Eden Optimize Your PPC Advertising?

Eden is a Google Partners agency and we are Google AdWords certified with a strong understanding of search engine mechanics. Our dedicated search engine analysts create PPC campaigns using the latest best practices on Google and other popular search engines. Our search engine analysts closely monitor the results of your PPC campaigns on web analytics and we make adjustments as needed to optimize your ROI and drive optimal traffic to increase leads.

Interested in Increasing Traffic to Your Website?

Search Engine Optimization pairs with PPC to increase your overall search results

Retargeting connects you with people who have demonstrated interest in your brand

Web Analytics measures the results of your search marketing, so you can fine-tune your campaigns and website

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