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Optimize Your Content on Social Media With Social Media Tracking.

It’s undeniable that social media plays a large role in representing your brand. With new social media platforms emerging daily, it’s difficult to know which ones are around to stay, and which ones are just dying trends. This is why social media tracking plays an important role in your online marketing plan. Measuring the success of your social media channels allows you to better understand what you’re doing right, and areas where you have an opportunity to improve.

Eden is able to gather important data from your social media accounts using social media tracking. Today, many social media channels actually have their own in-site analytics programs. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all have internal tracking, though there are universal tools available to track your social influence on a larger scale.

What Can We Track on Social Media?

  • Total views and audience reach
  • Likes, +1s, favourites
  • Shares and retweets
  • Audience data (including age, gender, shopping preferences, etc.)
  • Geographic location
  • Post performance
  • Campaign performance
  • Customer behaviour data
  • Conversions through social media
  • Your top followers and brand influencers

How Does Eden Optimize Social Media Tracking?

Our team is well versed in the fundamentals of social media marketing and web analytics. We combine our expertise in these fields to provide you with informative reports that pinpoint areas of opportunity for you on your social media channels. With social media analytics tools we are able to gain important insights into your strengths and weaknesses on social media, the target you’re speaking to, and the extent of your reach. Furthermore, we are able to gather information on emerging social media trends, and which social media channels will work best for your brand. The data gathered through social media tracking is an excellent means of understanding your social media performance and optimizing your brand’s social presence.

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