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Optimize Call Conversion With Call Tracking.

Some of the hottest leads your business receives come through the phone. People who call you directly often need service more urgently, or have concerns they want to address with you in person. Phone tracking allows you insight into those calls and how your business handles them. With phone tracking you’ll learn how your customers find your business and record their calls to determine how your staff handles those calls.

Call tracking works by assigning your business unique 1-800 or local numbers that can be placed on your website or marketing materials. You can use one number to record all your calls, or you can implement multiple numbers to differentiate between the methods customers use to find your business. On your website, we can dynamically change the contact number based on the method the visitor used to find your website. This allows you insight into how the caller found your website and how your business should handle the call. The more phone call tracking numbers you have, the more specific your data will be. When someone calls one of the unique tracking numbers, web analytics will record the call and any relevant data for easy analysis.

How Does Eden Optimize Phone Tracking?

As a digital advertising agency, Eden has found that call tracking is a useful tool for many of our clients. Without phone tracking, businesses are limited to tracking leads through online forms, leaving some of their most valuable leads unmonitored. Call tracking systematically measures phone leads coming from your online or offline marketing initiatives. Understanding the sources of your hottest leads helps determine how to better allocate your marketing efforts. Also, understanding how your business handles those calls helps you improve your internal processes to optimize your lead conversions.

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