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Measure and Evolve Your Brand Strategy to Achieve Optimal Results.

With the explosion of the Internet and e-commerce over the past couple decades, advertising trends are changing more rapidly than ever. Results-monitoring systems like Google analytics and phone tracking systems keep you up-to-date on your website and advertising campaigns, to better understand user behaviour and how your customers interact with your brand online. Knowing how your brand is performing on the web allows you to pinpoint areas of opportunity.

Web analytics makes it possible to know where your customers are coming from, how they find you, and even what they do on your site. This information is extremely useful for optimizing your website and marketing campaigns to be as effective as possible. Similarly, implementing phone tracking can help you understand how customers find you and how your business handles their call, so you can improve your sales process. When it comes to marketing, knowledge is power. The better you understand how your target interacts with your brand, the easier it is to create successful advertising that works.

How Does Eden Optimize Results Tracking?

Our success stems from our ability to evolve to meet our clients’ needs. Staying on top of industry trends – in our industry and yours – is key to successful marketing. In order to offer you optimal results, we’re constantly measuring where your brand stands and how we can improve your marketing strategy. Results monitoring systems allow us insight into your brand and how we can optimize your SEO, design, mobile interface, and other factors that affect your online marketing. We set up and monitor phone tracking and web analytics systems. We then share the collected data in reports that are meaningful and easy to understand. Based on our findings, we make adjustments to your marketing strategy to ensure your brand is continually moving forward and achieving better results.

Interested in Improving Your Marketing Results?

Web Analytics tracks customers’ online interactions with your brand so you can improve accordingly

Phone Tracking uses variable phone numbers so you know where your phone leads originate and can track how they convert

Pay-Per-Click is a great SEM strategy for businesses looking for instant search traffic

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