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What’s Included with Eden’s Paid Social Media Advertising Services

Social Media Strategy

From custom infographics, to eye-catching visuals and headlines or a short video, our social media campaigns never lose focus on getting your business more customers or driving brand recognition. We'll find the best social media platforms to get your messaging across, as not all channels are created equal.

Content Development

Being at the right place – at your customer’s fingertips – is key, but so is delivering the right messaging. We create content and posts that are designed specifically for your target audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Social Media Campaign Setup

We’ll set up audiences, budgets, demographics, and analytic tools that ensure you’re getting the most out of every social media campaign.

Ad Management

We amplify what’s working and adjust what can be improved through multivariate testing. Using multiple images and ad copy on your ads helps us identify the best way to position your social media campaign for the greatest ROI.

Social Media Management & Community Monitoring

No one has time to answer each and every notification. Our social media management for business offers community monitoring and management that’s dedicated to supervising your accounts and responding to clients in a timely and professional manner.

Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics are a measurable, cost-effective way to test other online campaigns, ads, landing pages, and offers. Our social media marketing services include social analytics to provide insight into what’s attracting your target market, so we can amplify what’s working to grow your business.

Your customers are all over social media – but are your marketing efforts reaching them? Eden’s paid social media services are the perfect complement to your PPC campaigns, content marketing strategy, and other online advertising initiatives.

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Engage your audience and discover new ones with paid social media advertising from Eden. Who knows how many new customers are just waiting to come across a business like yours on their social media feed!

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