Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The old adage, if you’re not first, you’re last, should be taken literally in the world of search engine marketing. Pay-Per-Click Advertising, also known as PPC, is the simplest, most cost-effective method of online advertising that positions your business on top of Google search result pages – and above your competitors.

Expert PPC campaign management gives your brand first crack at curious online shoppers who are searching for goods or services similar to yours, situating your brand in front of a world of new customers.

Key Advantages of PPC:

  • Positions your brand in front of your audience exactly when they need your most
  • Gain increased brand exposure
  • You only pay when people click on your ad and visit your website or landing page
  • It’s highly targeted and trackable

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Position your brand #1 on Google and in the minds of your customers with our expert Pay-Per-Click Advertising services. Contact us for a PPC assessment and consultation.

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Display Advertising

With attention spans becoming more limited online, the value of your advertising efforts will be determined in seconds by online audiences – so you need to make them count.

Display advertising across the Google networks maximizes those precious seconds of attention through a combination of text, audio, or video in your paid ads. These are strategically positioned on sites your target market regularly visits, keeping your brand top of mind while they’re consuming related content on the web.

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Complement your PPC text ads with memorable display ads that’ll naturally attract your target market, no matter where they are on the web. Get more customers with our display advertising services!

Just 2% of online shoppers convert on their first visit to an online shop. Bring back the other 98% of your visitors and remind them why they should choose your brand over your competitors. Stay on target with Eden’s Retargeting!

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Double down on your online advertising with Eden’s remarketing services. Trust our digital marketing services to improve your conversion rates with magnetic retargeting strategies!

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