Blogging with Purpose: SEO Writing Done Right

While anyone can type up a blog on Word and post it on their site and social media, it likely won’t do much for the business.

Blog content writing is a skill that requires a savvy writer that doubles as an SEO blogger – what good is a well-written piece if no one can find it?

We create blogs with purpose, including everything your customers and Google search engines want to see in a shareable piece of online content – must-click headlines, answers to important customer questions, rich in keywords, and originality throughout.

Our content writing service will ensure your blog section is filled with thoughtful, informative, and entertaining posts, while being optimized for Google search engines. With each original post we create, your website’s search relevance will improve, positioning your site higher in Google search rankings for new leads and customers to discover.

Balancing electric blog content writing with SEO writing is a challenge for most agencies - not for Eden’s SEO bloggers. We’ll write and curate a blog section that your customers will bookmark in their browser.

Don’t Forget a Content Marketing Strategy!

Our content marketing service includes ongoing content marketing strategy development – or the goals you’re trying to achieve with creating particular types of content in the first place.

Eden’s SEO bloggers will collaborate with you on what content is most valuable to your customers, and design an entire content marketing strategy around your specific needs.

Need humorous blogs? We’ll get the milk spilling out of readers’ noses. Need a sappy piece? We’ll turn on the water works. Something dense and research-heavy? We can do that without putting your readers to sleep.

As a part of our website content marketing package, we offer ongoing SEO keyword research to build your blog section, and content curation on the most topical and relevant posts for the month or week.

Build SEO, organic web traffic, and conversions with Eden’s Blog Writing Services – turn visitors into customers by blogging with us today!

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