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12 Digital Marketing Trends You Won’t Want to Miss in 2016


The digital landscape is in constant flux. What’s hot one minute is suddenly not the next. How are you supposed to know where to best invest your marketing dollars? We’ve sifted through 2016’s biggest trends, and created a list of digital marketing must-haves for the coming year.

Here are 12 up and coming digital marketing trends your business should get in front of for 2016:

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What Do You Find When You Search For Your Brand Online?


When you’re making a big purchase or business deal, the first thing you probably do is research it online. Whether you’re seeking information about different products on the market, or researching a particular brand, business or person you plan on doing business with, the process of researching online is now a ubiquitous part of making big purchases for most consumers.

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3 Reasons Why Diversifying Your Online Marketing is Essential


What do you do to market your business online? Are your efforts focused on building a social following on sites like Facebook and Twitter? Maybe blogs and posting fresh new content are your forte? Or perhaps you find paid search is most beneficial because it draws immediate traffic? If your answer is that you do a little of each, you’re already on the right track! However, if you’re putting all your eggs in one basket, you may be in trouble if that basket disappears.

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Parallax Websites and Scrolling Web Design: Impressive or Bad for SEO?


Parallax websites, often known as “scrolling websites” or “one page websites” are now a commonly used type of website design. Parallax websites have all their content on one long web page, usually with multiple anchors (or on-page links) to divide content. The style was popularized in 2011, when sports brand Nike designed a parallax site. Since then, numerous websites have adopted parallax designs for their impressive graphic style.

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Why Pay For a Website When You Can Get One For Free?


There are dozens of companies and sites out there that boast you can create a professional website for free, or mere pennies. With these ultra-affordable options available, what’s the point in paying for a custom website? You might be surprised how many advantages there are to hiring a professional web developer to build a custom website design for your brand.

Here are 8 compelling reasons to hire an experience website developer instead of using a free website template.

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