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Three Apocalyptic Tales from the SEO Underworld


When you’re utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), know this: Google is your one true overlord that decides the fate of you and your business. And as its loyal retainer, you must heed its rules and regulations in order to be rewarded with traffic and revenue stream.

But with millions of competitors looking to take your spot on the first page of search results, sometimes you might feel the urge to rely on… ‘Band-Aid’ methods to get you by.

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Marketing to Baby Boomers: A guide to capturing leads of the golden generation


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, right?

That’s the accepted mantra to life and success in business. So when you’re putting together your business marketing plan for the year, you should be meticulous about the details: setting out your target market, preparing inventory and staff, carefully scheduling your promotions with events, and always leaving room for adjustments. You probably already know your target market – who they are, their geographic location, even their product or service preferences.

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