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Print Three Franchising Corporation wins 2009 Gold Frankie Award for Direct Marketing for the second year in a row

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Print Three Franchising Corporation wins 2009 Gold Frankie Award for Direct Marketing for the second year in a row.

Toronto, May 7, 2009 – Print Three Franchising Corporation (PTFC) received the 2009 Gold Frankie Award in the category of Direct Marketing and a bronze Frankie Award in the category of Brochures (Business to Business) for their business to business sales brochure. A Frankie is a prestigious award presented annually by the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) for the best creative work in advertising and marketing by a Canadian franchise. The Frankie finalists this year were selected out of a record-breaking 193 entry submissions from franchisors, advertising agencies and support service companies. The entries were judged on clarity of message, originality of concept, effective use of medium, quality of execution and overall presentation.

“It is very exciting for Print Three to win a gold Frankie two years in a row in the category of direct marketing,” says Andrew Hrywnak, President of PTFC. “Print Three is committed to providing its franchisees with relevant, valuable and effective marketing materials to promote and grow their business, particularly in the area of 1-to-1 direct marketing. Our direct marketing campaigns have proven to increase direct response rates from the standard 1% – 2% to 10% or higher. Over the past year we have not only designed direct marketing campaigns for ourselves but have also extended these services to our customers. The results have been outstanding.”

Eden Advertising & Interactive Inc. is the agency that developed the creative concept, copy and design of Print Three’s award-winning direct marketing campaign and business to business brochure.

“Eden has become an expert in the area of targeted 1-to-1 marketing,” says Esther Willinger, President of Eden Advertising & Interactive Inc. “We believe that if a client is going to spend any money on a print campaign, particularly in direct marketing, the pieces must be unique, noticeable, relevant, and created in a personal way to capture the attention of the target. We are proud to work closely with a client like Print Three who understands this unique method of personalized 1-to-1 marketing and puts it to action in their own marketing campaigns. Thanks to Print Three’s marketing intuition and Eden’s expertise in targeted 1-to-1 marketing, we are pleased to announce our fifth and sixth Frankie award that we have won together.”


Print Three is the recognized leader in digital printing and Web-to-print service offerings for all business and corporate clients. With 60 locations across Canada, Print Three is one of Canada’s largest owner-operated printing networks.

The Smart Document Centres are equipped with the most up-to-date digital print and procurement technology that ensure complete customer satisfaction while delivering print and outsourcing solutions to Canadian corporations across the country.

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