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Eden Advertising Redesigns and Launches NannyTax’s New Website!

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(Toronto, Ontario) March 14, 2018 – Eden Advertising & Interactive, a full-service digital advertising agency in Vaughan, Toronto, is proud to announce the launch of the newly revamped https://nannytax.ca/!

NannyTax is Canada’s first full-service payroll agency dedicated to employers of nannies, babysitters, caregivers for the elderly, and other domestic employees. Experts in the standards and processes of the CRA and WCB, NannyTax’s team spares busy families the 30-plus hours a year it takes to file payroll taxes.

Clients benefit from a flexible range of services, catered to personal preferences and payroll requirements. NannyTax takes care of everything from the basics, like remitting your payroll taxes, to managing every detail of a domestic employment agreement, such as direct depositing employees’ pay into their bank account.

The refreshed, responsive website offers a user experience as convenient as NannyTax’s services. The copy has been polished and optimized with strong SEO foundations that will increase organic search results. The sleek, clean, and mobile-friendly design highlights NannyTax’s professionalism and trademark attention to detail. And the welcoming layout evokes the sense of warmth and security clients feel when their domestic payroll is managed by Canada’s most reliable payroll tax agency.

Make managing and filing your payroll tax less taxing, and visit NannyTax’s new website here: https://nannytax.ca/