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Carol Bierbrier & Associates, a leader in future care analysis and costing in Canada, launches an all-new website that is fully optimized for the future care costing industry

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Carol Bierbrier & Associates, a leader in future care analysis and costing in Canada, launches an all-new website that is fully optimized for the future care costing industry

Toronto, Ontario – May 31, 2012 – Carol Bierbrier & Associates (CBA) announces the launch of its all-new website designed and programmed by Eden Advertising & Interactive Inc. CBA is a team of clinical experts with experience in various traumatic injuries. CBA’s services include the preparation of future care costing reports to support personal injury legal cases.

“We utilize a client-centred approach to provide a comprehensive and accurate evaluation of an individual’s functional capabilities and potential,” says Carol Bierbrier, Founder of CBA, “CBA’s future care costing reports communicate the nature of the client’s disability and the residual functional limitations across all life roles.”

Eden Advertising & Interactive was faced with the unique challenge of marketing the CBA website to a particular niche market of insurance companies and lawyers involved in personal injury cases. Eden’s solution to this challenge was to optimize the CBA website with specific keywords that this niche market would be searching for in Google and other popular search engines.

“Creating a user-friendly, mobile-friendly and search engine optimized website that targets CBA’s unique market was Eden’s key goal,” says Esther Willinger, President of Eden Advertising & Interactive. “As a result of how the Eden team wrote the content as well as designed and programmed the site, www.cbafuturecare.com is now ranked organically on the first page of Google for the following industry specific search terms within weeks of the new site being launched.

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  • Attendant care assessment

People use different search terms to find exactly what they’re looking for. Our goal was for CBA to be found for a variety of search terms that are so specific to their line of business that searchers would not be able to ignore visiting their site. In addition, we wanted the site design to be appealing to the target client so that CBA not only generates those visits, but also converts those visits into real leads. By search engine optimizing the new CBA web site for these targeted key words, CBA is clearly positioning themselves online as leaders in the practice of Certified Life Care Planners.”

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Carol Bierbrier & Associates (CBA) is a practice of certified life care planners with backgrounds in occupational therapy, physiotherapy and vocational and rehabilitation counseling. CBA’s understanding of the automotive legislation and knowledge in traumatic injuries makes CBA a highly sought after source in future care cost reports for personal injury cases.