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Eden Develops Playful Branding and Responsive Website For Tiny Explorers Academy

In early March, Eden Advertising launched the branding and website for Tiny Explorers Academy. Tiny Explorers Academy is a premium childcare centre located in the heart of Toronto. Their logo, signage, and website, www.TinyExplorersAcademy.ca were designed and developed by Eden.

With dedicated curriculums based around the needs of infants, toddlers and preschoolers, Tiny Explorers Academy focuses on helping children grow, explore, and develop a healthy appreciation for learning. The school’s curriculums are founded in the Montessori philosophy, which says that development occurs when children are given the chance to explore and discover their independence in a safe, controlled environment.

Eden collaborated with Tiny Explorers Academy to develop a brand that encapsulates the spirit of creativity, independence, learning, and nurturing through nature. Eden worked closely with the founder, Marina Milman, to develop a brand that fit her vision. The brand and marketing materials feature bright, playful colours, combined with images that represent nature and exploration, all symbolizing the fun, explorative approach to childhood learning that Tiny Explorers Academy advocates. ‘We wanted something that represented childhood independence and creativity, but also differentiates the Tiny Explorers program from other daycares in the city. The facility is located on the Beltline Trail, so the children in our program have a unique opportunity to explore and learn outdoors. That experience separates us from other centres in the area,’ says Founder and Director, Marina Milman.

Eden designed Tiny Explorers Academy’s logo, business cards, window signage, parent booklet and responsive website, all of which fit within the distinct brand personality that Eden’s creative team developed. Tiny Explorer’s brand has already made a splash.

Within minutes of their signage and website going up, Tiny Explorers Academy was thrilled to report enthusiastic parents were already making inquiries about registering their children for the program. “This early success can be attributed to a strong creative concept and clear messaging across all of their marketing materials,” Esther Willinger, President of Eden Advertising, explains. “Our creative team developed a brand, website and window signage that resonates with parents, and the results speak for themselves.”

Eden will continue to work with Tiny Explorers Academy as they move closer to their grand opening. We wish Tiny Explorers much success and look forward to seeing them teach children about the joy of learning, when they officially open their doors in the Fall of 2015.

Visit Tiny Explorers Academy at www.TinyExplorersAcademy.ca