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Eden Welcomes New Client, The National Benefit Authority


(Toronto, Ontario) November 30, 2016 – Eden Advertising & Interactive is happy to welcome The National Benefit Authority (The NBA) as our newest client!

The NBA is Canada’s largest service provider for the Disability Tax Credit – a government program that provides greater tax equity through alleviating disability costs. A large number of Canadians who qualify for disability benefits don’t submit a claim for various reasons. The NBA helps qualify eligibility, amount due, and facilitates any necessary forms & paperwork required by the government for Canadians with disabilities, helping them manage the unavoidable expenses other taxpayers don’t face.

The National Benefit Authority has been in business for over 10 years and has serviced over 40,000 clients. With over 500,000 Canadians that are eligible to claim the disability tax credit, the NBA and EDEN have teamed up to make this community aware of the benefits they are entitled to and help them claim their disability tax credit successfully.

With Eden’s digital marketing expertise, the focus is on optimizing the NBA’s SEM, SEO, Social Media, and email marketing initiatives across a variety of online channels in order to maximize the company’s results. Eden is also collaborating with the NBA on their creative, their messaging, their offline initiatives, as well as other cross promotional platforms in order to amplify results on all efforts.

In just a few months of integrating EDEN’s strategies, The NBA is ranking organically for over 4,000 keyword variations, including the highly competitive and most sought after key phrase – ‘disability tax credit’ is ranking on the first page of Google!

Visit The National Benefit Authority web site here:


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