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Eden Expands Magical Credit’s Marketing Strategy


When Magical Credit first came to Eden Advertising, seeking an experienced digital marketing agency to build their website and online presence, they were a start-up focused on providing short-term loans to people who received government subsidies in Ontario. Since then, Eden has worked closely with Magical Credit to expand their reach and build a strong web presence across Canada.

Magical Credit’s Incredible Growth

Shortly after launching their initial online marketing strategy with Eden, Magical Credit expanded their services nationally, offering government subsidy loans across Canada. Eden extended Magical Credit’s digital campaigns to reflect this growth. The Canada-wide advertising campaign was such a success, Magical Credit had to hire additional staff to handle the influx of applications. Recently, Magical Credit has expanded even further, offering a wider variety of short-term loans.

Eden’s Approach to Magical Credit’s Digital Marketing

To account for Magical Credit’s exponential expansion, Eden has adjusted their digital marketing strategy. Some of the updates implemented included:

  • New content that highlights Magical Credit’s various types of loans
  • Regular monthly blogs with financial tips and advice. All blogs are SEO-optimized to capture relevant traffic with high conversion potential.
  • Expanded Google AdWords campaign that targets a variety of keywords across Canada
  • Monthly email newsletter to promote Magical Credit’s latest blogs and news
  • Ongoing social media marketing to share news and financial tips with followers
  • Google Display advertising, including banner ads and retargeting

These digital campaigns have been a smashing success, leading to steadily increasing traffic, and more importantly a higher percentage of qualified loan applicants. Eden looks forward to continuing to work closely with Magical Credit to grow their business in 2016 and beyond!

Visit for more information about their updated loans.


What's New

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