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Eden Designs Elegant New Logo For


Eden is pleased to announce as a new client.

Eden’s first project with Partytrends was to redesign their logo. Our Client did not feel that their previous logo reflected the quality and sophistication of their products. Eden collaborated closely with Partytrends to design a new logo that truly reflects the tasteful and sophisticated image they wish to project to the party and entertainment industry.

partytrends logo redesign digital marketing strategy

The new logo is representative of Partytrends’ position as a leader in sophisticated, upscale party disposables, which are frequently chosen by clients, caterers and event planners for events such as weddings, bridal showers, holiday parties, corporate events and luncheons.

After successfully redesigning their logo, Eden is now working with Partytrends to build their SEO foundations and expand their digital marketing strategy.

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What's New

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