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Why is Google Analytics Important for Business Owners? Part 1

There’s so much business owners can discover about their website and customers through Google Analytics.

Many of the business owners I speak to understand Google Analytics as well as my understanding of my children’s definition of cool (why are they always ‘dabbing’ on me?).

I can’t imagine building websites for my clients without Google Analytics and the piles of data and valuable insights it provides. That data is the clay to your digital marketing strategy, forming the bricks of your website’s foundation, which will play a role in any online advertising initiatives you partake in.

What print, radio, or television ads could never tell us about our customers is now a few clicks away on a mobile or desktop. Google Analytics shows us how much traffic is coming to a website, where the traffic is coming from, what marketing channels are driving the majority of your traffic, what pages they’re visiting, whether visitors are converting to leads or sales, and so much more.

What’s Your Target Market?

By understanding Google Analytics basics, you can learn more about your customer audience than ever before.

Google Analytics can provide the age, gender, interests, locations, and preferred devices of your website visitors, allowing you to optimize your website according to your most frequent users. Through the data you discover in analytics you can cater your ad campaigns and elements of your website to the demographics you know need your product or service but haven’t connected with your brand yet.

Site Visibility on Search Engines

If a web user searches online and your business can’t be found, how much money is it making?

Being found on the web, primarily through the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, is crucial. What good is selling a premier product or service online if no one knows it exists?

It’s simple logical: the more targeted traffic coming to your site, the more leads, customers, and ultimately sales, your business will gain. With visitors’ demographics and interests on hand via Google Analytics, you can align your content to appeal to those high-priority web users and improve your site visibility on search engines. The keywords visitors used to find your website, or the phrases and ideas web users enter into search engines, is also available on Google Analytics, providing more insight to your site visibility and how you’re being found on the web.

There is so much more to be discovered about your website and online exposure by carefully studying and understanding your analytics, but I’ll keep it simple for now. Bye Felicia (am I using that right?).