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Google Announces Websites Will Not Rank if They Aren’t Mobile-Friendly

It’s long been known that being mobile compatible is one of the many factors that Google takes into consideration when determining page ranks. However, Google has announced that being mobile-friendly is no longer optional – it’s a necessity.

According to Google, websites that are not mobile-friendly will no longer earn top ranking positions as of April 21st 2015.

How This Shift Affects Businesses

Google is the number one most trafficked search engine worldwide, and many businesses rely on the web traffic that Google generates. With this announcement, Google has decreed that mobile-friendly is a must! Businesses will comply or suffer the consequences.

With the shift toward mobile-friendly websites, Google is signaling that mobile users are an integral demographic that all businesses should recognize and cater to. By rewarding mobile-friendly sites, Google is paving the way for universally thumb-friendly websites that will benefit customers and businesses alike.

Despite the initial investment required to convert your website to a mobile-friendly design, it’s a worthwhile endeavour that opens up opportunities to target a vital segment of high-converting customers. A one-time investment in a quality mobile-friendly design will pay for itself many times over through new acquisitions and sales in the mobile sector.

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Is your site ready for an era where mobile devices reign supreme? See if you get a passing grade on Google’s handy web developer tool that measures mobile compatibility. Check if your site passes the Google mobile test.

If you got a mobile-friendly certification from Google, congratulations, you’re ahead of the game and ready to dominate the search rankings come April!

If you’ve been holding out on developing a mobile version of your site, now’s the perfect time to update your site to comply with the latest best practices for search and design. Eden’s web design and development team can help you make the transition. Whether you want to build mobile functionality into your current site, or go for a full-on responsive web site redesign, we have the expertise to bring you up-to-date on all of Google’s best practices and ensure your website draws quality traffic from search engines. Contact Eden now or call us at 1-800-844-0106.