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10 Signs it’s Time for a Website Redesign

As you plan for the year ahead and set aside a marketing budget, you may be wondering if a website redesign is a good move for your company in 2021. Luckily, there are a few telltale signs that can help make your decision a clear one.

1. The look and feel of your website are dated by today’s standards

A lot has changed since the early days of the internet – and in the same way that you wouldn’t wear shoulder pads, sequins, or hammer pants (anymore), there are certain online designs that don’t quite resonate like they may have when you first designed your website. The best way to tell if you need a new website is often the most simple; if it objectively doesn’t look good by today’s standards, it may be time to hit refresh.

2. It only looks good on desktop (but not any other devices)

As you may already know, consumer patterns have significantly changed when it comes to online browsing. With mobile users on track to surpass those on desktop, it’s super important that your website functions (and looks good) on as many devices as possible, especially mobile.

3. Visitors bounce off quickly or can’t find what they’re looking for

If your website is as hard to navigate as the local IKEA, visitors are likely to get frustrated with the experience and even bounce off altogether. Although it may be tempting to rearrange your content to make it easier to navigate, sometimes it’s more effective to scrap the whole thing and start fresh with a website redesign.

4. Your conversion rates are low

Whatever KPIs you and your digital marketing agency have set for your website, we guarantee that conversion rates are always on the list. If your visitors are not filling out contact forms, purchasing products, or inquiring about services, then it may be time to look into a website overhaul.

5. Your site speed is lagging

A slow and glitchy website can sometimes be worse than no website at all. In 2021, your website load time should ideally be 1-2 seconds. Statistically-speaking, even a mere 2 second lag time can lead to a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, 11% fewer page views, and a 7% loss in conversions. Multiply that by each second, and the impact is pretty dramatic!

6. Your search engine rankings are suffering

If you have an SEO strategy in place, but you just can’t seem to climb search engine rankings, a poorly designed website may be the problem. And while it’s best to go over all other SEO options first, you’ll often be amazed by the rankings a modern website design and updated content strategy can offer you.

7. There’s too much (or too little) content

If your website has giant blocks of text, illegible font, or disorganized content, it could be time to find a better home for all that copy. Whether it’s a matter of starting a blog, reorganizing your sitemap, or eliminating anything unnecessary, proper UX, web design, and content management can help!

8. You’re hearing negative feedback from multiple customers

You shouldn’t have to wait for this to happen, but if it does, it’s best to listen. After all, your customers are the people that your website is built for, so if they’re not having a great experience that should tell you something.

9. It no longer reflects your product and service offering

Your website is often the first touchpoint for incoming leads. If your company has changed, but your website hasn’t grown along with it, it’s important to make sure that your online presence reflects who you are and what you have to offer today (not ten years ago).

10. You’ve outgrown your platform or it doesn’t match up with your strategy anymore

It’s only natural for your company to evolve, so the platform that may have worked for you when you first started, may not be the right fit anymore – and that’s a good thing! With new players like Shopify making waves in the marketplace, there are more options for you to evaluate until you find the right fit.

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