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The Business Behind Social Media (Infographic)

With so many different social media networks to choose from, how do you even begin to choose the right ones to represent your business? We've narrowed down nine of the most popular social media channels on the web, and illustrated how each one may work with your business! Scroll through…
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How to Master Online Video Advertising Through YouTube

Small and medium sized businesses often underestimate the power of video advertising, or write it off as too expensive or time-consuming. What they don't realize is that, unlike traditional video advertising, which can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions in media placement, online video advertising costs are focused solely…
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Online Videos You Have to Watch!

Online Videos, without a doubt, are a growing trend that is not going away any time soon. Online Videos have grown in popularity for the following reasons: 1) Faster streaming 2) Better connectivity 3) Faster to absorb than reading content - People want things fast. No time to waste or…
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What is the Google Penguin update, and how does it affect websites?

Google just released a new Webspam algorithm, Penguin update, that's targeted towards individuals intentionally spamming Google search results or claiming misinformation in order to increase their search engine ranking. The update hopes to return higher quality search results and improve user experience. Many companies stuff their sites with keywords or…
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