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Web Trends to Look Out for in 2014

Another year is upon us, bringing with it lots to look forward to in the world of online marketing! Reflecting upon the developments of 2013, Eden has compiled a list of web trends your business should be keeping an eye on for 2014! Website Design All the design trends for…
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What is Geo-Targeting and How Can You Implement It on Your Website?

So you're curious about geo-targeting and how it can help your business. For small and medium businesses, or even national businesses with many stores in varying locations, geo-targeting is one of the most cost-effective ways to find local customers who are likely to convert into leads for your business. Geo-targeting…
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Your Website Checklist

Everyone can agree by now that no matter what size business you have, whether you`re a sole proprietorship, small, medium, large business or multi-national organization - every business needs a website. Technically speaking you can get away without business cards, brochures, or even a physical office. However, if you don`t…
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