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Online Videos You Have to Watch!

Online Videos, without a doubt, are a growing trend that is not going away any time soon.

Online Videos have grown in popularity for the following reasons:

1) Faster streaming
2) Better connectivity
3) Faster to absorb than reading content – People want things fast. No time to waste or be bored.
4) Ease of watching videos on mobile devices, tablets and desktops – People like to watch and hear versus read – when content is funny, captivating, shocking or profoundly interesting.
5) Ease of sharing videos through mobile devices, social sites, email etc. When content is funny, captivating, shocking or profoundly interesting online videos can go viral. People love to share videos that captivate them.

A November 2012 study by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that video viewing on a mobile device was closely related to video sharing. 92% of the 200 mobile viewers surveyed said they share mobile videos with others.

The most common method was through social sites (54%), followed by showing others the video on their own devices (44%). Other common methods included through text, email, via YouTube and Twitter.

It is not surprising that the most commonly shared types of video are:

1. Short and funny
2. Music videos
3. Movie trailers
4. Personal content

Speaking of most commonly watched and shared online videos, we thought we’d take the opportunity to share some of our favourite online videos:

1). Gangnam Style – Music Video

We can’t go without mentioning the most popular online music video that was the first music video to reach over 1 billion views in 2012. Currently Gangnam Style has over 1.3 billion views on YouTube.

You can’t deny the music and dance moves are catchy. Why wouldn’t you share it?
You also know a music video is popular when people start their own parodies of it.
Did you see the Obama and Romney versions during their campaigns?

Obama Style vs. Mitt Romney Style

2). Dumb Ways to Die – Music / Advertising Video

This music video was published on YouTube November 2012 and has already reached almost 40 million views. The song is sarcastically funny and catchy. The best part of it all is at the end of the video you finally learn that it’s a Public Service Announcement for Train Safety. You’ll definitely want to share this one because it’s catchy, funny and it has a strong safety message.

3). Old Man Spice Commercials – “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”

Smart, Funny and Surprising Online Video Campaign

This commercial was launched online approximately 3 years ago. Its creativity is unique and packs a lot of surprise into a 33 second spot; you can’t help but smile and want to share it.
While this commercial alone has almost 44.5 million views, the best part of it is that it was the first of an ongoing campaign that continues to pack humour, charm and surprise into every spot.
We highly recommend that you visit the Old Spice YouTube channel to see more.

4). Orabrush – Bad Breath Test – How to tell When Your Breathe Stinks

Brilliant Online Video Campaign

We think this video is funny because everybody can relate to it and nobody wants bad breath! It also has a call-to-action you can’t refuse – Get Your First Orabrush Free.

This video has almost 20 million views. But once again, it was so successful that it becomes the first of an ongoing campaign that builds up the Orabrush character.

The Orabrush story is an inspiring advertising story about how a product on the road to failure was able to turn itself around and gain the attention of internet followers as well as major distributors and retailers (that once turned it away) – all due to a simple well scripted and produced video that went viral on YouTube and led to many more online videos by the company. Not to mention this campaign has led to video reviews produced by Orabrush consumers reviewing the product. In a nutshell – this is an online marketing case study we should all learn from.

To learn more about the Orabrush story, visit www.orabrush.com/story

5). Axe – Clean Your Balls – Funny & Naughty Commercial

All we have to say is just watch this video and tell us what you think? Is it funny? Is it worth sharing?

The beautiful thing about the web is that between your web site, social media, YouTube and all other online video sharing opportunities, companies have the opportunity to produce something great without the distribution expenses that they would have had to pay in the past to get their commercials on TV.

By using your own online channels you can get your videos viewed for free. The key is producing spots that people will want to share with others – thus getting your viewers to market for you!

We love watching online videos. Feel free to share some of your favourites with us.

And by the way, if you’re interested in developing on online video for your business that your viewers will want to share, contact EDEN to produce it for you.