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How to Master Online Video Advertising Through YouTube

Small and medium sized businesses often underestimate the power of video advertising, or write it off as too expensive or time-consuming. What they don’t realize is that, unlike traditional video advertising, which can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions in media placement, online video advertising costs are focused solely on producing and promoting a quality online video.

Who Watches Online Videos?

When it comes to online advertising and growing your brand through the Internet, online videos are one of the most powerful and far reaching media for advertising. Though many assume that online video watchers are primarily a younger audience, 75% of Canadians regularly watch online videos (Media Technology Monitor – CA). With three quarters of the population as your potential audience, this is a form of online advertising that shouldn’t be ignored!

In addition, YouTube, the market leader in online video marketing, reaches 77% of the Canadian Internet audience. This opens up your video to a potential audience of 21 million Canadians who use YouTube. Though this number sounds broad, YouTube can zero in on a more specific audience, ensuring your videos engage a targeted audience with high chance of conversion.

Why is Video Advertising So Important For Your Business?

YouTube is the Second Largest Search Engine in the World
YouTube is the second largest search engine, behind its parent company, Google. 2.5 billion videos are viewed each month on YouTube. In addition, 42% of online shoppers use online videos to research their purchases before buying, which means consumers are actively searching for products and services on YouTube.

Video Advertising Complements Other Advertising Strategies
Video advertising works in partnership with your other marketing efforts. For instance, a strong video presence will boost your SEO results and social media presence. In a social media dominated world, Advertisers agree that video is important. 48% of advertisers named online video and social media as the areas where they plan to invest more advertising dollars in 2015, according to eMarketer.

Branded Search Increases with Video Advertising
Video advertising not only drives traffic back to your website or YouTube channel, but it increases branded search traffic. When a viewer sees a video ad that teaches, inspires, or entertains them, they are more likely to remember it and search for your brand. Online videos increase brand familiarity and build trust with consumers.

Online Videos Make Your Brand Relatable
Videos give your brand a personality and create a feeling of transparency. You have the opportunity to show how your brand is different in a way that entertains or otherwise inspires. To view an example of how you can humanize your brand or services and make them more relatable, check out the video we produced for Eden below.

Make sure to choose an ad format that engages your audience! In our case, we decided humour was the way to connect with customers.

YouTube Viewers are Highly Engaged
The audience your video marketing campaign will reach on YouTube is more engaged than those you reach through traditional marketing efforts. YouTube audiences can be carefully targeted through YouTube advertising. Someone watching television is being forced to watch commercials. Video advertising invites viewers to watch your videos, without forcing your marketing message on them. If people are watching, they are actively choosing to watch.

Video is Measurable
When creating a video advertising campaign, decide what you consider a valuable action. Is it a view, click, share, purchase, or something else entirely? With AdWords for Video and YouTube analytics, you can track all these actions on your YouTube channel. AdWords for video can even narrow down the moment in the video where viewers bounce. YouTube comments are also a source of brand feedback.

It’s Cheaper to Advertise on YouTube Than AdWords
The average cost per view (CPV) on AdWords for Video is only $0.09 – $0.12. Your marketing dollars can go much further with video advertising, and you only pay if someone watches 30 seconds of your video, or completes the video, whichever comes first. With video advertising, you can boost brand awareness, without having to spend your entire online advertising budget!

Videos Expand Across All Devices
50% of video views are on mobile devices. Videos are sharable on all devices and social media platforms. They start a conversation, and they are sustainable. YouTube makes videos easy to find and watch. Videos also appear on the Google Display Network, so you are not limited to just the YouTube watch pages.

Videos Have a Larger Reach Than You Think
Many companies believe that an online video campaign won’t reach their audience because their company isn’t targeting teens or twenty-somethings. However, data shows YouTube’s audience spans all age brackets. Surprisingly, viewership data shows there are more 35-54 year olds on YouTube than there are 18-34 year olds! It doesn’t matter what age, gender, or income you’re hoping to target – online videos are for everyone!

The beauty of video advertising is that viewers have to choose to watch your video before you pay! You are inviting someone to view your ad, not forcing them to. Effective video advertising starts with a quality video. Once you’ve produced videos that people want to watch, pair them with a conversion goal that benefits your business and voila? watch your views soar!

Whatever advertising goals you select, Eden can help you build a video campaign that strengthens your online marketing and captures leads. Consult with a certified YouTube Guru – contact Eden Advertising today!