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Eden Recognized as a Top 30 Search Engine Marketing Agency

We are proud to announce that Eden Advertising is recognized as a Top 30 Search Engine Marketing Agency by DesignRush. This places Eden in the company of over 10,000 agencies from 50 countries who are part of DesignRush's online marketplace of Search Engine Marketing Agencies at the vanguard of design,…
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How to Tell a Compelling Brand Story

With so much noise and competition these days, your brand needs a way to cut through and tell a compelling story that separates it from the pack. And, no, that doesn't mean a timeline of your brand's history from inception to the present day; but rather, it's a way to…
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How to Encourage Customers to Leave Online Reviews

As a business, you can say as many positive things about your company, products, and services as you want, but if those statements come from real customers instead - it's that much better for your reputation! Online customer reviews have become a form of currency - demonstrating to others that…
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10 Effective Ways to Increase Your Email Subscriber List

Email marketing can be a very effective form of communication between you and your customers. Since your subscribers took the initiative to opt-in, they'll be more likely to click, open, browse, and buy than through less direct advertising channels. In other words, once you've reeled them in, it's much easier…
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How to Adapt Your Digital Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

Taking a glimpse at the performance of 10 different websites in 10 different industries since the COVID-19 virus changed our lives, it's clear that some businesses (i.e. essential services) are thriving, while many others - especially small- and medium-sized businesses - are seeing performance drops averaging 20% in just a…
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Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 You Aren’t Ready For

It's been one heck of a decade for us digital marketers. Since 2010, we've seen radical changes in the industry: SEOs have had to adapt to 74 Google algorithm updates; we've seen a shift in how users search and shop online; there's been more focus on marketing analytics research; and…
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