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5 Reasons Keyword Research is Essential to Your Online Advertising.

Do you know how customers are searching for your products or services? With a little keyword research you can find out!

Putting a little effort into keyword research, early on, will pay off and ensure your business gains better results from your digital marketing.

Keyword research ties into all your digital marketing efforts.

Whether it’s blogging, SEO, or paid advertising, keyword research is at the core of all your online content. Implementing a keyword strategy into your all your web pages allows you to target a broad range of keywords throughout your site.

A keyword strategy is necessary in search engine optimization in order to have your website rank organically. Implementing keywords into your meta data, H tags, and throughout your web copy will improve your ranking for keywords related to your products and services.

Blogs for your business can cover a wide range of topics, therefore many keywords can be targeted. In addition, with a good keyword strategy, you can reinforce your expertise in areas that are most essential to your business by strategically repeating high-value keywords throughout multiple blogs.

Similarly, a consistent keyword strategy is necessary in paid search in order increase your quality score, and lower your cost per click. Paid advertising relies on the correlation between your website experience, content, keyword targeting, and ad content. Your keyword strategy should interweave throughout all aspects of your paid search campaigns.

It Helps You See Your Business Like Your Customers Do

When you’re deeply involved in your business, you begin speak a language exclusive to insiders in your industry. Often “industry jargon” isn’t easily accessible to your customers. The way they search for your business may be entirely different than how you would search for your business, because you know and use your company or industry lingo.

Your customers are searching for someone who can solve their problems. Your job is to provide a solution, through your products or services. In order to provide a real solution, you need to be found for the terms they are using to describe their needs.

Keyword research can find opportunities that you weren’t aware of.

When keyword research is completed effectively, you can find words that have very little competition, with relevant search traffic. If you optimize your website for these keywords, you will gain that business over your competitors who are not optimizing for these extremely relevant and targeted terms.

Keyword research saves money.

Without keyword research you are essentially guessing what keywords people are using to search for products and/or services. Do you really want to blow your marketing dollars on a guess?

With keyword research, you are able to determine what keywords to use based on actual data provided by search engines. So you can plan your content development and web strategy based on reality and what is most likely going to generate real results.

Tap into the Local Market with Keyword

You want to win local search to capture the consumers in and around your location. Keyword research is especially essential for small to medium size business. If you target keywords that people are searching for locally, you have an opportunity to gain those local searchers over national competitors that have a much more broad digital marketing approach.

On the other hand, if your aim is to capture traffic from a larger geographic area, keyword research will provide you with the keywords that have high search volume, and low competition in order to beat out the large corporations targeting generic keywords related to your products or services.

Ultimately, the better your keyword research is, the more focused and refined your online strategy will be; which will drive the right targeted leads for your business.

If you need help developing a keyword strategy for your digital marketing efforts, contact Eden Advertising today! Our Digital Marketing Team will put together a strategy that targets your business needs.