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Google’s Next Big Browser Update Will Flag Your Website as Insecure!

Google is putting the finishing touches on yet another update to their Chrome browsers, which is expected to launch this July.

Why should you care?

The update means that non-secure websites that do not have an SSL certificate installed will begin displaying a ‘Not Secure’ error message:

Google now requires an SSL certificate to consider a site safe for users, prioritizing this algorithm signal on all websites. This means that if your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate, it will significantly impact your site’s organic traffic, user experience, digital media campaigns and SEO foundations.

A drop in Google organic rankings and an increase in cost per clicks on AdWords campaigns will mean less visibility on Google, resulting in fewer visitors to your site. Most significantly, it will lead to a loss in new business opportunities as well as diminish confidence in existing customers that fear any data they’ve provided in the past may be compromised.

In order to follow Google’s security requirements, you must purchase an SSL certificate by the beginning of July 2018 and have a programmer install it properly into your website.

If you need any assistance in purchasing and installing an SSL certificate into your website, please contact us, and we’ll provide you with an estimate to purchase and install a three-year SSL certificate that will keep your site secure and maintain your brand’s reputation with Google and your visitors.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact our digital media specialist at 905-669-9550 or fill out a form online.