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Google Ads and Google Analytics: Why Their Marriage Works

When you think of famous couples, what comes to mind first?

Salt and pepper?

Macaroni and cheese?

Brad and Angelina? Kim and Kanye?

If those are your top three, you’re missing the most powerful couple of all: Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Google Ads and Google Analytics have been happily together for years. (They even share a first name. It’s so cute!)

But what’s their secret? What makes their relationship thrive?

Like all power couples, Ads and Analytics are both strong on their own but stronger together.

Creativity Driven by Knowledge

Healthy relationships aren’t made up of people who are the same; but rather, of people whose traits and skills complement each other and push each other to be better.

The data and insights you collect from Google Analytics can help you understand how effective your ads are in leading to conversions and sales.  Studying deeper insights provided in Google Ads and Analytics can provide further ideas on campaign experiments and A/B testing on key words, ad creative and even landing pages. With Google Ads and Analytics linked together, it’s easy to do.

Shopaholic Meets Frugal Buyer

It’s sometimes tempting in Google Ads to spend a lot of money on a lot of keywords, similar to the temptation of buying the same well-fitting shirt in 8 different colours. A lot of shopaholics would benefit from having a partner who’s done research on which colour looks best or will get the most use, and then directs you to spend money on what’s actually beneficial.

For Google Ads, Google Analytics is that partner. The reports about your Ads campaigns on your Analytics dashboard show you what happens after a customer clicks on an ad. You’re able to see which keywords are leading to the most conversions, and focus your bidding specifically on those keywords.

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Dress to Impress

One can’t dress the same all the time. Different occasions require different getups in the same way that different audiences require different messaging. As you put your outfit (ads) together in Google Ads, it helps to have a second opinion to tell you more about your audience, and Google Analytics is the expert. You can share your Analytics audiences with Google Ads to easily deliver messages catered to those various audiences, impressing more people and driving more conversions as a result.

If you’re unsure of how to maximize the potential of Google Ads’ and Google Analytics’ relationship, our digital marketing team can help. By combining the powers of Google Ads and Google Analytics, we provide better ads, better user experience, and better results.

Contact us today to make the most of the strongest power couple and create a conversion-driven campaign.