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Eden’s Guide to Retargeting: What it is. How it works. And why it’s effective.

You may have heard the term ‘retargeting’ lately, but do you know what it is? You’ve probably experienced retargeting, whether you were aware of it or not. If you’ve ever browsed for something online, only to realize the products or company you’ve viewed are showing up on websites you’re visiting, you’ve most likely been “retargeted”.

For instance, you’re planning to buy boots. A web search leads you to the Boot Store website, where you browse their selection. After checking out a few pairs, you leave. Later that day you’re surprised to notice ads for a Boot Store sale are now appearing on all your favourite sites. It’s like the Boot Store knew you were considering buying their boots! Well, actually, they did. When you visited their website, a tracking cookie was dropped in your browser, telling other sites in the Boot Store’s ad network to display their ads, hoping that the reminder (and tempting discount) will be the push you need to make a purchase.

How Retargeting Works

Retargeting is actually quite simple. It works using a digital marker called a “cookie”? that tracks your movements on the web. Whenever you visit a website that uses retargeting, one of these cookies is placed in your browser cache. Though it sounds invasive, they’re harmless. Their only function is to alert sites in an ad network when to display ads. Retargeting enables an online advertising network to display banner ads or text ads based on your preference (making them relevant to your interests).

An extension of retargeting is “search retargeting”?, which enables an online advertising network to target and display relevant ads on websites you’re visiting based on key word searches you have done on search engines. In this case you are being “retargeted” based on your search queries. In this case, you will see ads that are relevant to your search interests, but you had never been to these websites yet.

Why Retargeting is Effective?

If you have an online business, retargeting zeroes in on an audience who has a proven interest in your business. People who have already visited your site or searched for keywords related to your business likely have a vested interest in your products or services. They may have even contemplated making a purchase. Retargeting allows you to display added incentives and keeps your business fresh in their minds. Increased visibly can also build credibility and trust. Consumers that see your brand more often become more familiar with it are more likely to make a purchase. This is especially true in the online marketplace.

What is Remarketing? Is Remarketing Different Than Retargeting?

Remarketing and retargeting don’t just sound similar; they’re the same thing. Google, the web’s largest ad network, uses the term “remarketing” to describe their retargeting services. Most other ad networks and digital marketing agencies, however, tend to use the term “retargeting.”

Retargeting & Remarketing with Eden

At Eden we like to keep our definitions simple and focus on getting results. In our experience retargeting is an excellent place to invest a portion of your digital marketing dollars. Retargeting ensures your marketing efforts are focused on a niche audience that has a high interest in your products and services, and thus provides and higher conversion rate opportunity.

If you’re considering investing in a remarketing campaign, call Eden Advertising & Interactive at 1-800-844-0106. We would love to work with you to create a remarketing campaign that will build your brand awareness and increasing your online conversions.

Have you tried retargeting or remarketing? Was it effective for your business? Share your remarketing and retargeting experiences with us in the comments below.