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Eden’s Digital Breakfast Demonstrates How to Improve Marketing Results!

In case you missed it, on April 29th 2015 Eden Advertising & Interactive hosted a free breakfast and digital marketing seminar, sponsored by Google. At the event, we opened our doors to eager business owners interested in learning about digital marketing strategies geared towards their small and medium sized businesses.

With a packed boardroom, Eden’s president, Esther Willinger, and Google Partners agency Account strategist, Geraldine, presented insights on effective digital marketing strategies to help businesses succeed online.

Google Partners Swag and Speakers

To start the morning off, each of our guests was given a Google Partners mug, notepad, and pen. Geraldine outlined the importance of being found on search engines in the digital age. With one simple question: “How do you research a purchase?” Geraldine captured the significance of being found online, and more significantly, how essential it is to have a mobile site and be found on mobile search.

Several case study videos were shared with the group, highlighting the benefits of using a Google Partner agency (like Eden!) to optimize your Google Adwords strategy, or other Google marketing initiatives.

A Google AdWords Case Study

Casa Kids, a small, children’s furniture business out of Brooklyn, was the focus of the study. Business owner, Roberto, explained the struggle he had as a small business, trying to reach customers.

By implementing AdWords into his marketing strategy, with the right keywords and targeting methods, customers found his business quickly – he instantly saw an increase in his website traffic, and a 30% increase in sales. Roberto was able to quantify actual results, and see a return on his investment.

The Zero Moment of Truth

A study was conducted by Google and Shopper Sciences to understand the process shoppers go through when making a purchasing decision, and what small and medium-sized businesses can learn from this. The study involved 5,000 shoppers in over 12 industries, ranging from groceries to cars, and financial products. The study looked at how these shoppers decided when and what to buy.

Traditionally, marketers follow a three-step mental model of marketing; the first being Stimulus, the second is Shelf (the first moment of truth), and the third is Experience (the second moment of truth). The study found that there was another step in the model: the Zero Moment of Truth.

The average shopper used 10.4 sources of information before making a buying decision. The Zero Moment of Truth is where shoppers conduct research, learn about alternatives, read reviews, look for coupons, and comparison shop, all before going to the shelf to purchase. The Zero Moment of Truth accounted for 84% of the influence on a purchase. Marketers who understand the importance of the Zero Moment of Truth, and implement this into their digital marketing strategy, have a competitive edge.

The Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Agency

As a Google Partners agency, Eden has earned recognition from Google. Partner agencies have certified analysts and account managers on staff, who help you run campaigns more efficiently. A lot of businesses don’t realize that working with a Google Partner does not cost more than working with any other agency. In the end, you receive better results for your budget, because Google Partner agencies are more skilled at using the platform.

Additionally, partners have access to new features, changes, and betas that can offer a competitive advantage. Because Google Partner agencies are local, they are also available for calls or meetings if you have questions or changes regarding your digital marketing strategy. As a Google Partner agency, our certified analysts manage your digital marketing strategies, so you can focus on growing your business.

Coffee, Croissants, and Campaign Case Studies

After saying goodbye to Geraldine and enjoying a short coffee break (and a delicious breakfast catered by our client Ely’s Fine Foods!) we reconvened in the boardroom for the second half of the seminar.

Eden’s presentation focused on the hub of your business (your physical location and/or your website) and the importance of being found by your target market. By following Eden’s four-step process: Strategize, Execute, Analyze and Evolve, Eden’s President and Founder, Esther Willinger, was able to demonstrate how to attain optimal results for your business.

After a brief introduction to Eden’s core services, Esther presented case studies demonstrating our killer optimizing skills. The case studies covered:

  • How having a responsive website increases conversion rates from all sources of traffic from desktops, tablets and most significantly, mobile
  • How combining SEO & PPC amplifies results
  • The importance of integrating social media platforms relevant to your target market
  • Tracking and analyzing all activity on your website and digital ad campaigns
  • How to improve results based on the insights that are collected

In the end, Eden was able to demonstrate that online marketing is the most easily trackable and measurable form of advertising, and that it is crucial to be found when and where your target audience is searching. The biggest takeaway from the digital breakfast was that an optimized website combined with a smart marketing strategy that includes multiple digital channels leads to the optimal results!

Learn more about Eden’s next digital marketing seminar coming up on June 17th! We’re hosting an interactive website workshop to help you get the most out of your web presence!