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What Call Tracking Teaches You About Your Business That You Don’t Know

Phone calls are some of the hottest leads your business receives. Generating these leads is integral to growing your company. With call tracking it’s possible to learn how incoming callers found your business and tailor your response based on their needs. You can also adjust your marketing budget to focus your spending on channels that are driving the most leads.

When a company decides to start a marketing campaign, they typically post their phone number across all their marketing platforms.This means all the leads from various sources and marketing campaigns are grouped together, with no way to tell which marketing campaign is behind each lead. If your phone number is the same on every platform, how do you know which marketing platforms are working best? The short answer is that you don’t. That’s where phone tracking comes in.

Why Are Phone Calls Important?

A study conducted by TMP Directional Marketing and comScore found that the two most common actions following an online search are a) a visit to the local store, or b) a phone call to the local store. It was also determined that a phone call generates 5 -10 times more in revenue than a completed online form. Phone tracking software allows your business to account for all these leads and optimize your campaigns to generate more successful leads.

What is Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking software is a tool that enables you to identify where phone leads are coming from. It provides data about the source of every phone call by allocating unique phone numbers that seamlessly redirect to your main number. Currently, call tracking is a $1 billion industry that is continually growing.

How Does Phone Tracking Work?

Call tracking software assigns a different phone number to each of your marketing campaigns. These phone numbers are not limited to your digital marketing campaigns. Numbers can be allocated for your offline campaigns as well, such as direct mailers. Depending on the phone number called, you can determine which of your marketing campaigns facilitated the call.

For instance, you can allocate one number for all SEO calls, one for PPC, one for print marketing, and so on. The more numbers you have, the more specific your data will be. You can even have unique numbers allocated for specific landing pages on your site or specific marketing pieces if you desire. You can review the data and call recordings to measure the effectiveness of each platform and make changes to improve your ROI.

Using Call Tracking Software On Your Website

To differentiate call sources online, a tracking code is placed in the back end of your website. Once this code is in place, the numbers on your site change dynamically depending on where the visitor comes from. For instance, if someone comes to your site through SEO, they will see a different number than someone who comes through PPC.

Where Should You Use Call Tracking?

One of the advantages of using call tracking software is the ability to track an array of marketing platforms simultaneously. Here are some places call tracking numbers can be implemented:

  • Your Website
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Direct Mailers
  • Transit Advertising
  • Brochures
  • Print Marketing
  • Trade Shows
  • TV or Radio Advertising
Why is Call Tracking Necessary for Digital Marketing Campaigns?

More often than not, companies underestimate the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns because they lack information. Typically, you have one or two numbers on your website, but you don’t know the original source of that lead. Did they come from SEO? PPC? Web banners? A referral site? You may think your advertising is not working, but without call tracking, the amount of information available is limited.

In order to optimize your campaigns and efficiently allocate your budget, you need to know which keywords, ads, landing pages, search engines, locations, and times are most advantageous. Call tracking software can deliver this information, and help you develop marketing campaigns that boost your ROI.

Tracking Pay Per Click

Call tracking provides full campaign reports so you can see what is working on your PPC campaign, and which areas need improvement. In addition, you can track the time, date, location and ROI for each call. This aids in scheduling your ads for peak times, based on these calls. You can also geo-target your ads depending on where the calls are coming from. This will reduce the opportunity for wasted impressions and help you effectively manage your budget.

With call tracking software, you can also listen to the calls from customers. With the ability to listen to calls, you can improve your customer service with real time knowledge of what customers and potential customers are looking for. Also, you can hear how your staff is interacting with customers, and create more effective training modules.

Tracking Organic Search

Organic search engine traffic accounts for the majority of traffic to most websites. When a potential customer uses a search engine to find your website, they are likely calling because they would like more information on your product or service.Call tracking software allows you to monitor these leads and ensure you are able to provide the information they need.

With call tracking, you can see what search queries callers are using to find your website, and what landing pages are generating calls most effectively for your business. With this information, you can optimize your digital marketing campaigns and tailor them to your target.

6 Benefits of Implementing Call Tracking

There is a lot of valuable data that can be gained through call tracking. Here are 6 reasons to consider adding phone tracking to your marketing strategy.

  1. Ability to review your strongest leads and determine what made them successful.
  2. Phone leads are generally one of the hottest types of leads for businesses. Phone tracking makes it possible to segment them by original source to determine which platforms are generating your strong phone leads.
  3. You are able to effectively reallocate your budget to focus on marketing initiatives that are generating your best leads.
  4. You can track the success of different ad campaigns by using unique phone numbers for each campaign. This allows you to test different approaches to your marketing and what works best for your brand.
  5. Gather concrete data and ROI information.
  6. Evaluate your team’s performance with call recordings and create standard practices for communicating with callers

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